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For the discerning SVU connoisseur

The Box

SVU Community of Refined Taste
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For SVU Snobs.

To join, first click Join Community - this will email the moderators and let them know you're out there - and then comment on the first entry, answering the following questions:

1.) In 100 words, write about your favorite episode of SVU.
2.) In 100 words, write about your favorite episode of SVU that is not "Loss".
3.) Excoriate a Very Special Guest Star of your choice.
4.) Define excoriate.
5.) Explain why Casey should be beamed up to her mothership immediately. If you like Casey, explain that. Extensively.
6.) OTP?
7.) Anti-OTP?
8.) Which episode of SVU unquestionably meets the criteria for a categorization of "Sucks Donkey Balls"?
9.) Explain why Alex and Olivia are totally doing it.
10.) Who is the hottest SVU star? Those who say B.D. Wong will be summarily shot, or at least auto-banned.

(don't forget to click "join community" so that we can approve your request!)
a/o, alex, altoona, angst, benson, cabot, canon, captain foofoo, closets, elliot, excoriating badfic, f/f, femmeslash, fic, fin, guns, hair wings, handcuffs, ho!yay, huang, ironbone, l&o svu, lurching, munch, o!livia, olivia, petrovsky, pot weasels, rack of life, shallow viewing, svu, taking!it!personally, twop, unpretty crying, witness protection